The cost of giving – getting a big break on your taxes

Giving is sometimes cheaper than you think. Federal and provincial tax credits give a significant portion of your charitable donation back to you, while Partners benefits from the full value of the donation. For donors who have already contributed $200 to Partners or another charitable cause this year, the actual cost of a donation to Partners is:

And, from 2013-2017, first-time charitable donors get an additional 25% credit on donations up to $1,000 under the new “super credit.” For more information on the First-Time Donor’s Credit, see

If your province is not listed above, use the CRA’s online charitable donation tax credit calculator to see the total value of credits on your donation (see

If you donate securities, you do not pay capital gains tax and you receive a tax receipt for the market value of the securities. (We sell all donated securities immediately upon receipt.) For more information on tax incentives of donating securities, see, or talk to your tax accountant.

See or your tax accountant for more information.

by Partners in the Horn of Africa

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