The gift of learning – from our Nov 2013 Newsletter


Returning to school after the long summer break is an exciting time for kids everywhere. This is especially so in Ethiopia where so many girls and boys must overcome enormous hurdles to get to school. Completing even a basic education can have a sweeping impact on a child’s life, and on her or his family and community.

Partners in the Horn of Africa is working to open the door to education to more Ethiopian girls and boys. We are building schools in remote areas where there are no schools. Since our last update, we opened two new schools – Zeleke Desta Elementary and Yetnora High School – which will welcome close to 3,000 students through their doors, and we are nearly finished building and stocking 10 new school libraries. (All of our school projects become part of the public system. We secure assurances from education authorities in advance that schools will be staffed, resourced, and maintained following our work.) We are training teachers, librarians, and school administrators to deliver better quality education and maintain better learning environments. We are supporting 4 group homes in regional centres where talented but poor girls and young women from remote areas can pursue high school, college, and university, sometimes as the first to be educated in their families. We are providing academic, social, and material support to 200 foster children to enable them to study instead of work during their school-age years. We are producing and distributing washable sanitary pads and panty kits for thousands of rural girls so that they can attend school when they’re menstruating. And our water projects and footbridges help keep kids in schools by creating safe crossings and decreasing the amount of time kids (primarily girls) spend collecting water.

On behalf of all of the learners and educators we work with, thank you.

This story was in our Nov 2013 Newsletter click here for Adobe PDF version or click to read it in our archive.  It was reported by our Executive Director Christine Parsons.

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by Partners in the Horn of Africa

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