Company Profile

Velocity Chemicals is one of the fastest growing Canadian manufacturers of specialty chemical products to a wide variety of industrial, institutional and retail customers.

In addition to custom-formulation services to create chemical solutions to deal with specific client problems, we offer our own in-house product line of specialty chemicals, developed through many years building industry knowledge. We ship these products across North America from our manufacturing facility near Vancouver.

Our commitment to providing high-performance products coupled with quick turnaround and top-notch services at the right cost, makes the selection of Velocity Chemicals the smart choice!

Call us today for information on how Velocity Chemicals can help reduce maintenance and cleaning costs while improving efficiency across your entire operation.

Proven Results

For close to a decade, Velocity Chemicals has been a trusted and reliable business partner to some of Canada’s largest companies. Clients across multiple industries use our products and services including:

    Commercial fleet, car and truck wash

    Fleet transportation, transit, airlines, railroads, ships, boats

    Food & beverage processing and manufacturers

    Forestry and wood products manufacturing and processing

    Industrial manufacturers, metal preparation, repair, maintenance and cleaning

    Mining, industrial wash bays, heavy mobile equipment

    Oil & Gas production, all related service industries, facilities and equipment

    Waste oil treatment, water treatment, boiler and cooling for agriculture, commercial, industry and government

Our Mission

"Our mission is to improve the lives of Ethiopians. We listen to their needs and partner with them on projects that empower communities and individuals and contribute to their well being."

Partners In The Horn Of Africa’s constitution provides that the aim of our organization is:

to advance education in Ethiopia by constructing and upgrading educational facilities at the primary and secondary school level;

to provide relief from poverty in Ethiopia by initiating and supporting economic projects and initiatives designed to provide employment and economic opportunities for residents;

to provide relief from illnesses and diseases in Ethiopia by distributing medical supplies and by providing information and advice to residents about the transmission and control of illnesses and diseases prevalent in Ethiopia;

to advance the above objects whenever possible by working through and in partnership with community based charitable organizations in Ethiopia.


Who We Are

Partners in the Horn of Africa works in Ethiopia, the largest country in the “Horn of Africa”, focusing on the areas of greatest need --- infrastructure improvement, health & welfare and women’s anti-poverty projects. We are a non-denominational, registered Canadian charity, and believe we are unique because:100% of all donations go directly to aid projects in Ethiopia. The Canadian directors of Partners and others volunteer their time in running the organization and fundraising, and along with some private benefactors, pay for all administrative and travel expenses.

Our African Partner… usually an indigenous charity or a village… is required to contribute 15 to 20% of project costs (usually in the form of labour) and participates as a true Partner in all decisions relating to the project. Once a project has been selected and a partnership agreement entered into, then Partners in the Horn of Africa and its African counterpart share in the responsibility for getting the project 'up and running'. This model gives the local community a sense of ownership, and ensures that the project is responsive to local needs. We’ve been fortunate to discover some very capable indigenous Ethiopian aid organizations, which have helped us prove that Africans can manage their own aid projects in a true “partnership”.


We focus our work in the more remote areas of the country that are ignored by most other NGO’s (NGO is Non-Governmental Organization). Ethiopia has one of the most challenging landscapes in Africa, much of it more than 6000 ft above sea level or higher, with few roads. It also has one of the lowest average annual incomes per person in the world (just over US$100 per person in 2004), and this is even lower in the remote areas. And with 71 million people, Ethiopia is the third largest country by population in Africa, thus the need is great and we can focus our efforts in one country.

We invite you to learn more about Partners and Ethiopia. The problems are immense, but the support from Canadians does make a difference in the lives of many Ethiopians. We are helping empower Ethiopians to take charge of their own future…to give them hope. We are having an impact in the Horn of Africa.